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Where does two months go?

I haven’t written a blog post for two months, and this one is going to be short. Been super busy – hence the lack of blogging. Follow the photoshoots we have done in that time on Dreamcoat Photography and Dreamsport Photography.

Here are some of my fave pics I’ve taken in the last two months. I have won two competitions with photos in this time also.

2013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1212013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4942013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2972013-07-05 Vampire Knights Cosplay 0082013-08-17 Tough Mudder 163772013-08-17 Tough Mudder 163802013-07-14 Unleashed 0972013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0202013-08-11 Unleashed 0272013-07-19 Cab2448 3612013-07-19 Cab2448 3622013-07-20 Cab2448 40072013-07-26 Mitchell James 1572013-07-26 Mitchell James 2202013-07-28 Unleashed 0682013-06-07 Cosplay 1812013-06-07 Cosplay 1942013-06-23 Unleashed 0582013-06-16 Roma St Cosplay 0102013-06-23 Unleashed 1192013-06-29 Leigh 0422013-06-29 Leigh 0642013-08-18 TRAQ Lake Manchester 018

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Over at The High Calling website next week we will be discussing Work-Life-Balance in a series of articles.

It would be great for you to join the conversation there as we discuss this important topic.


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A poem I wrote in February 1999. Photos by myself.




Catch the wave

Green room opening

Maximum pleasure

2012-02-17 Caloundra 197Close out happens

Once again


Life (Shit)


Sun burns on my back

Waves splash in my face

Sand is in my pants

I don't give a shit




Throttle wide

Hit the highway

2012-11-12 Texas Country 092Maximum pleasure

Corner too fast

Hit the dirt

Smashed up

Life (Shit)


Riding down the highway

Cool wind in my hair

Tears whipped from my eyes

I don’t give a shit

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Office 365 Brings Amazing Enterprise Benefits to Small Business

Have you heard of Office 365? If not you are probably living under a luddite bush as the advertising is everywhere. From popping up in Skype (now owned by Microsoft) and being named sponsor for the recent V8 imageSupercar Tasmanian Round (in Australia) to TV spots and Billboards as well as YouTube Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft's big bold new direction.

Microsoft’s vision in the 80s was “A PC in every home”

Today it is “A continuous cloud service for every person every device and every business” Kevin Turner - Microsoft COO, WPC10

With business users now often having more powerful PCs at home then on their desktops large businesses are often lagging behind. In the past small business was given the crumbs from Enterprises table. Now the tables have well and truly turned. With Office 365, Microsoft have created the opportunity for agile small businesses to utilise the power of cloud computing and enterprise level IT architecture for a fraction of the cost on a monthly subscription.

Lets go through the benefits and features.

  • Access email anywhere on any device – using Exchange as the backend for email management and storage
  • Shared calendars and out of office messages (not available in standard Outlook)
  • Share documents with version control and security management to people in and outside your organisation
  • Full High Definition video conferencing

We have been working with Office 365 for a long time (from long before it was marketed as that) and are busy installing it in many of our customers organisations.

Here is a slide show presented recently to a small business network group.